Pa-Ko_Art -veistos Phalacrocorax carbo

Clay play and some woods

Part two: life is not only play. Or if it is a play, there sure is, beside the comedy, the drama part as well.

Years ago I was sailing with my friends in the Arhipelago Sea. It was a cold summer morning and the thick layer of fog hovered over the silent sea. Somewhere from misty dawn rose the strangest sight I have ever experienced. An island emerged – and what an island it was! Suddenly I was not sure if we might been Ulysses crew sailing to the nether world… All trees on the island were as barren and white as rocks underneath them, as if they had grown straight from the rocks like a paper silhouette or lace rippling in the morning air. And all of
the trees were full of black birds, sitting there like they have just stopped the time.

Cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) have many enemies among us humans. They
kill everything with their strong droppings on the island they nest,
so when they leave the island it will be left as barren and dead as I just described.
But if we wait some years, we will see life re-emerging; after the
destruction nature eventually regrows, creating new life
everywhere along the island. So maybe we hate those birds because they
are too much like us? Like them, we also destroy nature and even each
other on earth – and then we create something new!

My sculpture Phalacrocorax carbo depicts the dichotomous story of humans
destroying and creating culture at the same time.

(Thanks to Hanna, my sister`s daughter with translation in english)


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